Being free

The other day a coworker, exclaimed, “I wish Guyana was still a British colony at least then there would be less corruption and crime.” Yes, my coworker is originally from Guyana. Her statement did not shock me, I would in my own prejudiced mind categorize her as someone wrapped in her own cocooned world, a common trait among many north Americans I’ve met. Before I could react, give her a history lesson, something pressing came up. It did however later give me a minute to think about that she said. Some of the thoughts that crossed my mind were. Did this obliterate a Gandhi or Mandela? Were their struggles and struggles of millions to be ‘free’ in vain? It’s the 4th of July one of the biggest holidays in the US? Isn’t it about freedom? So why does a 3rd World country’s struggle, be it India, Jamaica or a Malawi mean so less to so many. Does being free equate to more crime and political unrest? I’m just thankful that all those years ago someone took up that fight to ensure I am free today. That I’m free to live where I want, that I’m equal to all. For me freedom means thinking as big as I dare …. So sorry coworker I do not share your sentiment that ‘Guyana or anyone else should be a British colony’, actually your sentiment makes me a bit ‘cross’.


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