Only Timepass


IMG_0430Its 9am and I can barely get out of bed! Ok so I’m not a morning person, never have been, not one to go for a run in the morning unless coerced to.   But wait a minute, I’m not one to wake up at 9am, or barely, in a foul mood, take an hour to read the paper and drink coffee. And then decide on how to schedule my unscheduled day.   It hits me like it does most morning for the past 3 months; I’m afraid that I do fall into the bracket of doing just “timepass” (passing the time).

In India there are thousands of timepass young people. But what I discovered there were more of us doing the same thing i.e. doing nothing really in the middle age bracket. Friends, mostly women, who like me reached the peaks of our careers in our late 20s early 30s, and for reasons only we know decided take a break.   Not always intentional but a break neither the less. And have got into the spiral of doing “timepass”. I justify it by saying my friends do it to. And while I attempt now to get back to “finding” my passion, doing something worthwhile to fulfill my pocket and time, I find myself competing with the youth of today going through the same quandary as I am.

So we are a whole bunch that is doing basically nothing.

Atleast I don’t stand around at tea stalls or bus stands pissing the day away. But that’s also because I’m a woman and it wouldn’t be ideal to do so.  As I travel across India, with the intention of documenting stories and lives of these unemployed youth, I stop, take a breath and admit to myself….. “I’m just doing timepass na”.


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